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My name is Rocco Caprarella, I'm a certified personal trainer, integrative health coach and precision nutrition coach. 

I Help Busy Entrepreneurs create a healthy lifestyle to  better empower life through exercise and nutrition. 



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Introducing Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) 

WellFit in just 20 Minutes x Week

What I Specialize In

"A Trainer and Health Coach who understands his clients goals. His approach is with great passion, creativity, and total commitment". 

- G. Landau

"Rocco takes the time to listen to my needs and then creates a unique exercise and nutritional program".

- D. Levy

''As someone who never really enjoyed going to the gym, Rocco made working out not a chore for me. He's helped me address major health concerns through activity, and with his help I've made enormous progress, including improved 

strength and a 20+ lb weight loss. Through his guidance I'm regularly thinking about my personal wellness and nutrition outside of the gym as well''.

  - R.Rosenberg

"Rocco is dedicated individual who takes a genuine interest in his client's wellbeing. He challenges you to try new things understanding your goals''. 

- A.Jordan 

"Rocco is unique in his ability to make training both a challenge and pleasurable. His positive energy makes it easy to go to training. He assisted me with exercise and changing my diet. Together, i lost 50 lb in 6 months right before my 50th birthday". 

- P. Mays

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