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My name is Rocco Caprarella, I'm a certified EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Trainer, certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Health Coach and Precision Nutrition Coach. 

I help You create a healthy lifestyle to better empower your life through exercise and nutrition achieving sustainable and lasting results.



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Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), offers unique benefits to achieve faster, visible, and lasting results. It only takes 20 minutes per week, but a 20-minute workout delivers the same benefits as 2 ½ hours of conventional, high-intensity training.


“The implementation of EMS is a unique way to get fit and stay fit, with a manageable time commitment and fast, visible results".


 “EMS technology dramatically increases muscle growth, toning, and strength, while reducing body fat. It improves endurance and overall physical performance. Most importantly, it makes people feel healthier and stronger.”

During the training sessions, the electrical impulses target and activate all major muscle groups simultaneously, so you're using more of your body's muscles (90+%) than with traditional workouts.


"A Trainer and Health Coach who understands his clients goals. His approach is with great passion, creativity, and total commitment". 

- G. Landau

"Rocco takes the time to listen to my needs and then creates a unique exercise and nutritional program".

- D. Levy

''As someone who never really enjoyed going to the gym, Rocco made working out not a chore for me. He's helped me address major health concerns through activity, and with his help I've made enormous progress, including improved 

strength and a 20+ lb weight loss. Through his guidance I'm regularly thinking about my personal wellness and nutrition outside of the gym as well''.

  - R.Rosenberg

"Rocco is dedicated individual who takes a genuine interest in his client's wellbeing. He challenges you to try new things understanding your goals''. 

- A.Jordan 

"Rocco is unique in his ability to make training both a challenge and pleasurable. His positive energy makes it easy to go to training. He assisted me with exercise and changing my diet. Together, i lost 50 lb in 6 months right before my 50th birthday". 

- P. Mays

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