(Long Island, New York, 09-05-2022):

(Long Island, New York - 09-05-2022): An innovative and highly efficient exercise technology is coming to Long Island this fall.

Rocco Caprarella, the CEO of WellFit LI, plans to introduce the shores of Long Island to Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) beginning in September. EMS is a high-tech exercise regiment that elicits muscle contractions through electrical impulses. 

“The implementation of EMS is a unique way to get fit and stay fit, with a manageable time commitment and fast, visible results,” Caprarella said. “EMS technology dramatically increases muscle growth, toning, and strength, while reducing body fat. It improves endurance and overall physical performance. Most importantly, it makes people feel healthier and stronger.”

Electro Muscle Stimulation has been widely adopted in Europe since 2007, and has recently and rapidly been spreading across the West Coast of the United States. Caprarella, a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and holistic life coach, is the first to bring EMS technology to New York.

The benefits of EMS on exercise has been widely studied and supported by scientific studies, including from the National Institute of Health

“EMS training sessions last only 20 minutes, but a 20-minute workout delivers the same benefits as 2 and half hours of conventional, high-intensity training. During the training sessions, the electrical impulses target and activate all major muscle groups simultaneously, so you're using more of your body's muscles (90+%) than with traditional workouts.

“With EMS technology, you can achieve faster, visible, and lasting results. And, it only takes 20 minutes per week to get it done. I’m excited to begin offering this game-changing exercise technology to my clients this fall and to witness its broader adoption in the fitness space in the near future.”

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